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75th Venice International Film Festival / Biennale - College Cinema




Veysel’s wild solitary life in the woods is disrupted when the land he inhabits is sold to investors. One day, his younger brother Hasan comes from the city to convince him to leave. As the imminent threat of the eviction rapidly grows, the belated confrontation of the two brothers leads to the discovery of a magical home: A universe under the earth.


  •      Feature, 2018, 120 min
  •      World Premiere: 75th Venice International Film Festival / Biennale - College Cinema
  •      Language: Turkish
  •      Genre: Drama
  •      Countries: Turkey



  •      Production: Anna Maria Aslanoğlu (istos film)
  •      Director: Emre Yeksan
  •      Writer: Emre Yeksan
  •      Cinematographer: Jakub Giza
  •      Editor: Selda Taşkın
  •      Production Designer: Osman Özcan
  •      Sound-Design: Bora Kasırga, Rıdvan Aytekin
  •      Visual Effects: Ergin Şanal - Institute of Time, Geniuspark
  •      Cast: Kutay Sandıkçı, Eray Cezayirlioğlu, İmren Şengel, Okan Bozkuş, Maya (the dog) et al.

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