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Brothers (Kardeşler)

World Premiere: 2018 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Brothers (Kardeşler)

Brothers (Kardeşler)

Brothers (Kardeşler)

by ÖMÜR ATAY (TURKEY 2018, 103')



Yusuf is serving time for a crime he hasn’t technically committed but feels responsible for: the honor killing of his sister. When he is released, Yusuf must return to the family and to Ramazan, the brother who actually committed the murder and wants to live life as if nothing happened. However, Yusuf’s regret over his actions and wish for redemption strains his relationship with the family.


Directed and written by: Ömür Atay

Cinematographer: A. Emre Tanyıldız

Producer: Funda Ödemiş (Atay Film)

Co-Producer: Stefan Gieren (Fiction 2.0), Borislav Chouchkov (Chouchkov Brothers Ltd.), Ömür Atay (Atay Film)

Cast: Yiğit Ege Yazar, Caner Şahin, Gözde Mutluer, Cem Zeynel Kılıç et al.


World premiere Karlovy Vary IFF 2018 - Official Competition