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Wandering Winter (Spako)

In Post-Production - Awaiting World Premiere

Wandering Winter (Spako)

Wandering Winter (Spako)


On top of his divorce and unemployment, lonesome Sam loses his last friend - his dog - to the clutches of Iran's bureaucratic hell. What hardships must he go through and what lines will he cross in order to save man's best friend?


Feature Film, 2020, 79 min


Director: Shahrokh Panahi

Screenwriter: Shahrokh Panahi, Marzieh Najmabadi

Producer: Hamidreza Aligholian

Co-producer: Said Nur Akkuş

Cinematographer: Amir Parchami

Editor: Hamid Reza Aligholian

Sound Designer: Mohammad Javad Yamaghi

Original Music: Ali Reza Ezatian

Cast: Shahram Masoumi, Elham Nami, Hadi Saidi, Mani Panahi, Marzieh Najmabadi

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