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The Absent Director

The Absent Director

The Absent Director


A young theatre company is rehearsing MacBeth in their director's home in Tehran. The director works with them from Paris over Skype. Their rehearsals are disturbed when the director's lifeless body shows up on their doorstep.

Feature Film, 2021, 86 min

Language: Farsi, English

Genre: Drama, Experimental

Country: Iran


Director: Arvand Dashtaray

Producer: Hossein Akbari (Virgule FPAC)

Screenwriter: Naghmeh Samini

Cinematographer: Peyman Shadmanfar

Editor: N/A

Music (Original Score): Ehsan Sedigh 

Art Director: Arvand Dashtaray

Cast: Marene van Holk, Arvand Dashtaray, Azadeh Mirzaei, Diba Khatami

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