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In The Blind Spot

World Premiere: 2023 Berlinale (Encounters Section)

In The Blind Spot

In The Blind Spot


"It is not only the strategies of sinister organisations and the logic of paranoia that is the focus of this clever and complex cinematic conundrum, but the act of seeing itself – in all its dimensions, from observation to prophecy."
Berlinale 2023

[…] captivates the viewer with the obvious political tension and combination of filming techniques [… which] gives the film a found-footage horror vibe."
Vladan Petkovic, Cineuropa


In The Blind Spot

by AYŞE POLAT (DE, 2023, 117')

Drama, Thriller, Mystery


A German film team is shooting a documentary in northeastern Turkey. In a remote Kurdish village, they witness an elderly woman performing a recurring ritual to keep the memory of her missing son alive. The Kurdish translator of the German crew is also the nanny of Melek, a 7-year-old Turkish girl. Her father, Zafer, works for a sinister organization and is caught between loyalty to them and fear for his family's well-being when his daughter appears to be haunted by a mysterious force. The fateful encounter of these people develops a destructive power. IN THE BLIND SPOT unravels a complex net of conspiracy, paranoia and generational trauma.


Written and Directed by: Ayşe Polat
Cinematographer: Partick Orth
Producer: Mehmet Aktaş (mîtosfilm)
Co–Producer: Ayşe Polat (PunktPunktPunkt Filmproduktion)
Art Director: Görkem Canbolat, Osman Özcan
Sound Designer: Jürgen Funk
Cast: Ahmet Varlı, Çağla Yurga, Nihan Okutucu, Tudan Ürper, Katja Bürkle, Aziz Çapkurt, Aybi Era

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