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Leakage / Nasht

69th International Film Festival Berlin - Forum

Leakage / Nasht

Leakage / Nasht


One day Fooziye, a middle-aged woman, discovers that crude oil is coming out of her body. This unusual yet empowering phenomenon awakens the hope of a better future in her. On the other hand, it triggers uncertainty and paranoia in the lives of the people around her.


Feature Film, 2018, 104 min

World Premiere: 69th International Film Festival Berlin - Forum

Language: Persian - Pashayi

Genre: Drama

Countries: Islamic Republic of Iran / Czech Republic 



Producers: Majid Barzegar (Rainy Pictures Production) / Kaveh Farnam (Europe Media Nest s.r.o.)

Director: Suzan Iravanian

Screenwriter: Suzan Iravanian

Cinematographer: Ramzi Hibri, Sajad Avanrand

Editor: Majjid Barzegar, Suzan Iravanian

Costume Designer: Keyvan Gharaee Nezhad

Set Design: Keyvan Gharaee Nezhad

Sound-Design: Amir Hossein Ghasemi

Make-up: Leila Naghdi Pari

Cast: Armik Gharibian, Ziba Eslamloo, Hasti Khaledi, Saeed Saeedy, Mohammad Saleh Ghetmiri, Keyvan Gharaee Nezhad et al.

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