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ArtHood Entertainment GmbH

ArtHood Entertainment GmbH

ArtHood Entertainment GmbH was founded by Said Nur Akkus in October 2018 in Berlin, Germany. It has established itself as a film distribution and international world sales company as well as a producer (in collaboration with ArtHood Films) of high-quality feature and documentary art house films. The company’s focus is on films produced, set or originating in the Middle East, a region gaining more and more political, economic and cultural importance in times of globalization. This is in addition to attracting visitors from all over the world with its rich and diverse culture and history.

For its portfolio of third-party and in-company productions, ArtHood Entertainment offers multi-channel distribution opportunities both via traditional media such as festivals, theatrical and TV as well as modern exploitation channels in the form of VoD and digital streaming platforms.

The company’s founder, Said Nur Akkus, was himself born and raised in the Kurdish part of Turkey before moving to Berlin in 2011. He has realised a number of internationally acclaimed, award-winning feature and documentary films as producer, production accountant and line producer, equipping him with the broad expertise, hands-on experience and extensive network to sett up and develop ArtHood Entertainment. The company aims to translate into film a wide range of highly relevant topics, motifs and stories while at the same time providing insights into the social and political discourse of countries like Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan, thereby facilitating not only European and global market access for Middle East filmmakers, but also paving the way for creative and intercultural dialogue and integration.


Said Nur AKKUSCEO & Producer

Said Nur AKKUS

Marco DREYSSEProduction Executive


Jenny RevzinCoordinator

Jenny Revzin

Maryam SAMADICoordinator Iran


Sedat SenMarketing

Sedat Sen

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