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The Exam

World Premiere: 2021 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Crystal Globe Competition)

The Exam

The Exam


"THE EXAM presents a powerful plea for equal access to education, allowing young women to lead a free and emancipated life."
Terre Des Femmes, Christa Stolle (CEO)

[…] the bond between these two [sisters], as they don’t seem to have high hopes for their respective futures, is touching. 
Marta Bałaga

“It is in this respect that the film approaches the issue of women’s rights more comprehensively, provocatively, and loosely than many other works that unquestioningly define the desire for personal emancipation through the characters of suffering women cutting the chains of a ruthless patriarchy.“
Adéla Mrázová

Punctuating its pro-feminist messages with moral and ethical questions about the extremely risky measures taken by the girl to ensure success, the fourth feature by leading Kurdish filmmaker Shawkat Amin Korki is packaged with all the suspense and tension of a tightly wound crime thriller."
Variety, Richard Kuipers

The Exam




Rojin, a heartbroken young woman who is suffering from depression after the disappearance of her fiance, is preparing for her university entrance exam. If she fails, her father will force her into marriage. If she succeeds, however, she might lead a more emancipated life and avoid the fate of her older sister Shilan, who is unhappily married to a conservative man who demands her to be a proper housewife. Seeing that her younger sister struggles to achieve that dream, Shilan becomes desperate to make her pass the exam by any means necessary. This decision puts the sisters under immense pressure from their environment both at home and in school, as they become entangled in a huge network of corruption that is connected through all parts of society.


Director: Shawkat Amin Korki
Screenwriter: Shawkat Amin Korki and Mohamed Reza Gohari
Cinematographer: Adib Sobhani
Producer: Mehmet Aktaş (mîtosfilm); Foad Jalal (Masti Film)
Cast: Avan Jamal, Vania Salar, Hussein Hassan, Shwan Attoof, Hoshyar Nerwayi et al.

Supported By

Cultural Ministry of City of Culture - Suleymaniya, Doha Film Institute, Republic Iraq - Ministry of Culture - Iraqi Cinema and Theater Foundation

2021 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Crystal Globe Competition)
FIPRESCI Critics Award for best film in Crystal Globe Competition
Cairo International Film Festival
Tirana International Film Festival (Best Screenplay)
Red Sea International Film Festival
Leeds International Film Festival
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
Leiden International Film Festival
Duhok International FIlm Festival (Opening film)
Kurdish Film Festival Berlin - Opening Film
Filmfest Frauenwelten
Arabisches Film Festival Tübingen
Exground Film Festival
Kurdisches Filmfest Hamburg (Opening Film)
100 % Manusia Human Rights Film Festival - Opening Film