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I Saw Three Black Lights

World Premiere: 2024 Berlinale

I Saw Three Black Lights

I Saw Three Black Lights


"Santiago Lozano Álvarez examines the contemporary confluence of spirituality, traditional healing and paramilitary conflict in rural Colombia... The film excels most potently in its visual style, with cinematographer Juan Velásquez bringing an emotive warmth to each scene"
-Olivia Popp, Cineuropa

"Lozano Álvarez finds an original way - lyrical and exuberant - to talk about the murders, disappearances and ecocide in Colombia."
-Lucy Virgen, The Film Verdict

I Saw Three Black Lights




José de los Santos lives in a village on the Colombian Pacific Coast. As child, he learned the arts of mortuary rituals inherited from his ancestors, who were African former slaves. He accompanies the dead ones on their way to eternal rest. One day, the soul of his son Pium-Pium—who was violently murdered—announces his death to him, warning him that he must not die near his home, and above all, he must die in peace. José begins a journey through the jungle to find a place to die, defying the curfew imposed by the illegal armed groups that dispute the territory. He must survive the guns to avoid joining the souls in purgatory.


Directed by: Santiago Lozano Álvarez 
Written by: Santiago Lozano Álvarez, Fernando del Razo
Cinematographer: Juan Velásquez
Producers: Oscar Ruiz Navia (Contravía Films), Ana Maria Ruiz Navía (Contravía Films), Ruben Imaz (Malacosa Cine), Yulene Olaizola (Malacosa Cine), David Hurst (Dublin Films), Paulo de Carvalho (Autentika Films), Gudula Meinzolt (Autentika Films), Santiago Lozano Álvarez (Bárbara Films)
Cast: Jesus María Mina, Julián Ramírez, Carol Hurtado, John Alex Castillo