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World Premiere: 2023 Tribeca Film Festival




"Directors Malik Isasis and Esra Saydam share their love for the country through dreamy shots and conversations over endless cups of Turkish coffee. The dialogue is organic, the journey spontaneous, leaving you with the aftertaste of a perfect vacation."
Tribeca Film Festival



by MALIK ISASIS & ESRA SAYDAM (US, TR, 2023, 108') 

Drama, Travel, Women


Lela is a 30-something New York City school teacher who takes a road trip in Turkey on her way to Armenia to meet her friend. In her journey from the West to the East, Lela connects with various people. When Lela meets Yusuf, who manages a guesthouse in a small border town in Turkey with his studious younger cousin, Ece, Lela feels an intimate sense of community and belonging. With only 24 hours before she has to depart, Lela and Yusuf's short excursions to Rainbow Hills and a trip to the highlands to visit Yusuf's uncle heighten the inevitable end.


Directed by: Malik Isasis & Esra Saydam 
Written by: Malik Isasis & Esra Saydam
Cinematographer: Junior Gung
Producers: Eda Çarıkçı, Esra Saydam, Malik Isasis
Cast: Iman Artwell-Freeman, Eren Alici, Güslüm Ölgen, Ziya Sudançikma