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Snow And The Bear

World Premiere: 2022 Toronto International Film Festival (Discovery section)

Snow And The Bear

Snow And The Bear

Snow And The Bear


Drama, Suspense, Women, Nature


In a small, snow-covered, remote town of Turkey winter has always been tough, but this year it doesn’t come to an end – in an almost surreal way. Leaving the roads blocked due to heavy snowfall. Rumor has it that bears have risen early from their winter-sleep and killed some animals around. Though no one has really seen them, people are afraid that they will come to the town soon. Aslı is a young nurse who has been appointed here recently for her obligatory service. One cold night, a man from the town goes missing. In this small town – where the biggest problem for the gendarme prior to the incident has been bats haunting the police station – the sudden disappearance of a man creates all sorts of rumors. Step by step, Aslı finds herself in the middle of a whirlwind of power relationships, secrets and doubts.


Directed by: Selcen Ergun
Written by: Selcen Ergun, Yeşim Aslan
Cinematographer: Florent Herry
Producer: Nefes Polat (Nefes' Films), Selcen Ergun (Albino Zebra Film)
Co-Producer: Michael Eckelt (Riva Film), Milos Ivanovic (Set Sail Film)
Cast: Merve Dizdar, Saygın Soysal, Asiye Dinçsoy, Erkan Bektaş 

Labs and funds

Berlinale Talents Script Station, Nipkow AIR, Cannes Film Festival La Maison Des Scénaristes, First Films First, Eurimages, Turkish Ministry of Culture, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Film Center Serbia and German-Turkish Co-Production Development Fund